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AirDroid v3.7.1.3 Freeware


Enhance your device connectivity with AirDroid. Seamlessly manage and access your Android device from any computer, enabling effortless file transfers, messaging, and remote control. Experience seamless device synergy with AirDroid and stay in control wherever you are.

AirDroid Feature:

  • Remote Device Access: Stay connected to your Android device from anywhere with AirDroid’s remote access, enabling efficient management and control.
  • Effortless File Transfer: Seamlessly move files between your Android device and computer, enhancing productivity and data sharing.
  • Notification Sync: Receive and manage Android notifications directly on your computer, keeping you updated and organized across devices.
  • SMS and Contacts Management: Send and receive SMS messages and manage contacts from your computer using AirDroid’s intuitive interface.
  • Media and Content Management: Access and organize your photos, videos, and music on your Android device using AirDroid’s user-friendly file management tools.
  • Remote Camera Access: Capture photos remotely using your Android device’s camera and view them on your computer, ideal for remote monitoring or quick snapshots.
  • Clipboard Sharing: Share clipboard content between your Android device and computer seamlessly, enabling efficient copy and paste functionality.
  • App Management: Install, uninstall, and manage apps on your Android device directly from your computer, streamlining app management tasks.
  • Secure Remote Access: Enjoy secure remote access with AirDroid’s encrypted connections, ensuring your data remains private and protected.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: AirDroid supports various platforms, including Windows, Mac, and web browsers, ensuring a seamless experience across devices.
  • Customizable Interface: Personalize AirDroid’s interface with themes and settings that suit your preferences, enhancing your user experience.
  • Quick Actions: Execute quick actions on your Android device, such as taking screenshots, setting alarms, and toggling settings, directly from your computer.
  • Efficient Messaging: Send and receive messages from popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and more, all from your computer.
  • Call Management: Answer, make, and manage calls on your Android device using AirDroid’s desktop interface, reducing the need to pick up your phone.
  • Multilingual Support: AirDroid offers support for multiple languages, ensuring users worldwide can navigate its features comfortably.


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AirDroid v3.7.1.3 Freeware

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