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Harmony Assistant v9.9.7e Full Version

Harmony Assistant

“Harmony Assistant is a dynamic and feature-rich music composition software designed to bring your musical ideas to life. With its intuitive interface and a plethora of powerful tools, this software is a musician’s best companion for composing, arranging, and printing sheet music. Whether you’re a budding composer or a seasoned musician, Harmony Assistant offers a harmonious blend of creativity and precision. From intricate scores to expressive musical notation, this versatile software caters to all your musical needs. Experience the symphony of possibilities and let Harmony Assistant be your guide in the world of music composition and notation.”

Harmony Assistant Feature:

  • Music Composition: Harmony Assistant provides a robust platform for composing music, offering tools for creating intricate and beautiful compositions.
  • Sheet Music Notation: Easily notate your musical ideas with a wide range of symbols, notes, and dynamics to create professional-quality sheet music.
  • Arrangement Tools: Arrange and orchestrate your compositions with precision, allowing for complex musical arrangements.
  • Intuitive Interface: Its user-friendly interface ensures that musicians of all levels can navigate the software efficiently.
  • Score Playback: Listen to your compositions in real-time, helping you fine-tune your music and make adjustments as needed.
  • MIDI Integration: Harmony Assistant seamlessly integrates with MIDI instruments and devices for versatile music creation and playback.
  • Chord and Lyric Support: Add chords, lyrics, and annotations to your compositions, making it easier to convey your musical intentions.
  • Multiple Staves: Work with multiple staves simultaneously to create harmonies, orchestral compositions, and complex musical arrangements.
  • Print and Share: Print your sheet music or export it to various file formats for sharing with fellow musicians and performers.
  • Regular Updates: Benefit from continuous software updates that introduce new features and improvements, keeping your music composition tool up-to-date.


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Harmony Assistant v9.9.7e Full Version

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